Christmas Gnomes

Christmas gnomes are also your friends

Less known, but just as present, the Christmas gnomes, recognizable between thousand have become a classic of Christmas decorations in recent years.

It is true that we recognize them first and most traditionally busy in the garden; adapted to amusing themes, placing them in unexpected contexts; cute also, represented in a very touching way, because it is also what they are: small beings with a great heart.

Depending on the region where you live, it is generally more difficult to stay in the company of your favorite garden gnomes during the winter. That's why Christmas gnomes come to the rescue. Especially dedicated to this wonderful time of the year, you will find here an original and surprising variety of these very special gnomes.

More in the form of plush dolls and especially reserved for interior decoration, since it is Christmas, it will be even easier for you to involve children in this decorative adventure. Indeed, we will notice that, very often, the Christmas gnomes, evoke toys or can be made of mobile parts allowing them to be in interaction with their environment or their users.

You will find among the Christmas gnomes several ways to approach Christmas through the prism of the universe of these singular and fantastic little beings.
  • To be hung on your Christmas tree or on a promontory as hanging decorations that can replace or renew your traditional garlands of lights.
  • Lighted decorations to hang or not, you will have by day gnomes that will joyfully fill your home and by night the continuity of their fairy universe.
  • Plush dolls, which, like toys, will also be entertaining companions with whom children will enjoy spending time.
  • Decorative objects carefully handmade that will become iconic representations and even classics that will follow you Christmas after Christmas.

Wishing you a merry Christmas filled with love and joy.