Cute Gnomes

When to offer a garden gnome?

Although decorating your garden is not something that happens immediately after you buy a house, it can be a very appropriate gift to mark a lasting move in. An outdoor decorating enthusiast will appreciate this colorful friend. With its legendary friendliness, a garden gnome makes an ideal good luck charm. For friends with a sense of humor, giving a gnome will create a few laughs and with imagination there is always an unusual place to assign it.

Where to place your garden gnome?

It depends on the type of gnome and its personality. Originally, a magical and mythological being, it would be relevant to install it discreetly by some shrubs to emphasize its mysterious character. To reveal it in broad daylight, in the long run, would make it lose its aesthetic authority.

In another figure of case, because the gnomes of garden also adore the bright colors and for the most reckless among you, to give to his gnome of garden all the attention that it deserves in the center of the decoration of the garden so that it takes all its scale and resplendent. There are also other degrees to having a garden gnome in your yard, savoring the irony and putting a smile on your guests' faces at the sight of this mischievous and sometimes extravagant little being!

Also, there is always a clever way to contextualize the presence of a garden gnome. With the mythology that accompanies it, it is easy to find a place for it by creating a narrative setting. No doubt that children will also find something to do with it.