Gnome Ornaments

Whatever your needs, garden gnomes are always up to the occasion.

Of course, garden gnomes are at their best in your backyard. They'll tend to your flowers, water your plants and sometimes get into a little mischief as a way of showing you their affection. But they are so adorable that you might want to have them all over your house.

Indeed, the world of garden gnomes is not limited to just adorable statues. Their representation can also extend to the interior of your home and even be assigned to certain rooms more than others.

At Gnome For You®, we have left nothing to chance and, as much as possible, we have considered all the spaces that can be filled so that their universe full of joy and enchantment is pleasantly integrated into your daily life.

Among  Gnome Ornaments, you will find several types of products to respond to as many types of decorative situations.

  • Some  decorative plates with the effigy of your favorite gnomes, with small interchangeable decorative pieces that you can also hang on it;
  • Candle molds;
  •  Gnome incense holders;
  •  Iron silhouettes all in the effigy of your little friends. Some are minimalist while others are more colorful and will really represent a garden gnome (but in 2 dimensions) in a specific action or context;
  •  Door hangers are a simple and beautiful way to welcome your guests and put a smile on your door. A positive note when you come home or enter a room. Our door-hangers are also fun; you can hang a multitude of other small decorative pieces on them to diversify their presentation;
  •  Doormats and different types of rugs dedicated to different rooms in your home;
  •  Curtains;
  •  Bathroom sets;
  • Some doormats,  table runners and  placemats and other toilet seats are in  Christmas theme.

Let's celebrate their long beards and pointy hats!