Swedish Gnomes

The Swedish gnomes, when winter prevents you from meeting your friends outside

Also known as Tomte, Nisser (in Norway) or Tonttu (in Finland). From Scandinavian folklore, they are playful and sometimes mischievous creatures. Associated with rural life, these gnomes would come from the souls of the first people to own the farm they inhabit. The sum of these souls would become a spiritual creature, in this case, a gnome who would watch over the good maintenance of the place and prevent bad luck.

This is why they are considered good luck charms. The Swedish gnomes love to be looked after with kindness the property you will occupy with them and all that lives there (humans and animals included).

You will notice, in our catalog, a great diversity among these gnomes: very colorful looks, often different clothes, never the same hat, etc. In those days, the Tomtes (their original name) adapted to the place they lived: gray clothes for those who lived in the stables, neat and colorful for those who lived indoors, etc.

In short, adapted to our time, you will find at Gnome For You®, as many Swedish Gnomes dressed according to various themes. We have taken care to offer a fun and playful collection so that these gnomes, of mythical and benevolent origin, can become pleasant companions in your decorations.

You will find among the present collection several of these themes. Sometimes amusing, other times touching or unexpected, the Swedish gnomes are unconditionally authentic and adorable.

  • Taking on the appearance of a ladybug and evoking a child's stuffed animal.
  • In St. Patrick's Day colors and reminiscent of a leprechaun.
  • Dressed for Father's Day or Mother's Day.
  • Ready to celebrate Easter and thus warning of the coming spring.
  • Here, with a sunflower on that characteristic pointed hat.
  • Find them also in the colors of autumn.

Oh yes... a good tip to tame and make a Swedish gnome a lasting friend: prepare him a bowl of oatmeal and leave it within his reach not far from where he has taken up residence.